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Email To Commissioners

Dear Commissioners,


I am sending this email regarding the physical characteristics of the August 9th Hearing, and will comment regarding the proposed rule discussion shortly:


  1. It should have been obvious that there would be a large turnout at the Hearing, and it was disappointing that the selected venue left many instructors standing in a hallway, some of whom travelled for hours,  unable to attend or participate due to lack of space. 

  2. With no audio or microphones for the Commissioners, their comments and subsequent discussions could not be heard by those fortunate to have been in the room.

  3. There was no microphone for the speakers, until near the conclusion of the meeting which made their comments difficult to hear.

  4. Although inquiry was made in advance, we were not informed there would be a three-minute limitation to speak which would have altered prepared presentations.

  5. The agenda should have been modified as a courtesy, to accommodate the attendees present and their schedules rather than have them wait 45 minutes for non-related subjects which could have been addressed after the conclusion of the CCH portion of the meeting.

  6. Lastly and respectfully: To have a taxpayer funded lunch break for the Commissioners while the attendees watched them eat a hot lunch was disrespectful and ill-mannered. Instructors arrived at the same time as the Commissioners, many after long drives, and we were hungry also. At the very least, the Commissioners should have been thoughtful enough to have had their lunch in a private area out of respect to those present. There were no food accommodations for attendees at the venue, no advice that we could bring food in, nor was there anything to eat in the vending area. With an announced 20-minute lunch break, it was impossible to leave the building, purchase food, return, locate a parking space, find a seat, and not miss any discussion. 


I am hopeful the Commissioners or their staff will make more suitable and equitable arrangements for the planned November meeting.


Thank you for your consideration.


Harvey Morse

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