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New Concealed Carry Laws and their Implications

The recent modification to the North Carolina concealed carry laws has caused significant confusion among many citizens. Primarily, these new regulations will be effective as of July 1st, 2023. Until this date, all pre-existing laws and rules remain enforceable.

Understanding the Current Regulations

Up until now, to purchase a firearm in North Carolina without a concealed carry permit, a person was required to obtain a pistol permit purchase certificate from the Sheriff's Office, conduct a background check, and pay a $5 fee. Each certificate was valid for one year and one firearm only. However, this did not permit carrying the firearm in a concealed manner, which is an arrestable offense.

The Issue with the Previous Law

Why the Old Law was Overturned

The prior legislation was met with criticism due to the perceived excessive empowerment given to Sheriffs, which led to potential misuse of power. Some argued that the bias of the sheriff could affect the issuance of a purchase permit, leading to potential discrimination and favoritism.

The New Concealed Carry Law

The newly implemented law allows any person over 21 years of age, with a valid identification and a clean background check, to purchase a handgun without involving the Sheriff's Office.

Additional Provisions and Changes

Safety Measures and Education Provisions

The new law also includes provisions for state-funded education aimed at improving the safety of children around handguns. Additionally, individuals might have the opportunity to collect a handgun lock from the Sheriff's Office free of charge.

Changes in Places of Worship

Another significant amendment concerns the safety of those attending places of worship. Now, individuals with a concealed carry permit can bring their firearms to a place of worship, provided that any affiliated educational or daycare facility is not in operation.

State of Open Carry and Constitutional Carry

Open Carry and Concealed Carry Laws

North Carolina remains an open carry state. This allows for carrying a firearm openly where legally permitted, but does come with its own set of restrictions.

Understanding “Constitutional Carry”

The term “constitutional carry”, now available in 26 states, refers to carrying concealed without a permit. While it can present legal and safety risks, taking a concealed carry permit course can mitigate these concerns by ensuring knowledge and legal compliance.

Implications for Selling or Gifting Firearms

Changes to NC Private Firearm Transactions

The new concealed carry laws NC also impacts private firearm transactions. As of July 1st, the requirement of a Sheriff's purchase permit or a concealed carry permit to legally transfer firearms between two North Carolina residents will be removed. Both parties must meet age and residency requirements and importantly, the recipient must be legally allowed to possess a firearm.

An Insight into Our Award-Winning Concealed Carry Class

The Value of our Concealed Carry Class

Our concealed carry class, lauded for its comprehensive content and winner of the BEST concealed carry class in Western North Carolina, will provide answers to questions around carrying firearms in different contexts, encounters with law enforcement, and business policies regarding firearms.

Instructor Expertise and Course Structure

All our instructors are current or former law enforcement, certified by both the North Carolina Police Academy and the NRA. Our classes provide an informal, yet interactive environment where questions are encouraged. First time attendees will also have the chance to fire our handgun at our range as part of their training.

Final Thoughts

Investing in Knowledge and Safety

When it comes to your safety, legal risks, and peace of mind, attending our highly recognized class can be an invaluable investment. Upon completion, you'll have a firm understanding of the law, enhancing your confidence, knowledge, and safety as a firearm owner.

North Carolina Concealed Carry Permit Reciprocity

Once you receive your North Carolina concealed carry permit, you'll enjoy reciprocity with 38 other states. We'll also teach you how to legally travel with your firearm to these states.

Check our Concealed Carry Class Schedule and sign up for our next class today!

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"As a newcomer to firearms and firearm safety, I was impressed with the depth of knowledge that this course provided. All and any questions were answered in a professional and encouraging manner. This is not an easy topic to pursue as learning firearm safety and the state laws regarding its usage can put participants in a moral dilemma. The risk of personal harm from an intruder/stranger outweighs the quandary and establishes the value of this course."
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