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We are proud to represent and be affiliated with US LawShield. This established company provides for the payment of legal fees, both civil and criminal in the event you must use deadly force, whatever you use,
and it doesn’t have to be a firearm. There are no caps, no advancement of money, and no reimbursement. They cover ANY legal weapon ranging from a frying pan to your handgun!

You will be able to contact an attorney, NOT AN ANSWERING SERVICE 24/7/365 at any hour of the day or night including holidays. A lawyer will be dispatched to assist you.

They provide non-emergency access to their independent program attorneys, unlimited civil and criminal defense litigation coverage, coverage for all legal weapons, state-specific educational videos, law updates, and online resources. All this and more and your rate will never increase. FAMILY DISCOUNTS ARE AVAILABLE.

Additional coverage options include gun owner identity theft coverage, bond protection for bail, expert witnesses, protections for minors in your household, and coverage for all 50 states is available!

Customers appreciate what they don't have as well: no hourly rates, no retainer fees, no deductibles, no co-payments, and no caps on services!

You do not need a concealed carry permit to have this protection and you don't need to use a firearm. ANY lawful weapon you use to protect yourself.
Just call us at
828-356-5454 or use the QR code above!

(There are discounts for others in the same household, minor children, and a special plan for hunters).

Handgun and  Ammunition
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